Our Mission

To increase educational resources TO YOUTH AND FAMILIES AS WELL AS to positively increase quality of life to the people we serve.


Student Testimonials

Aim High is such an awesome environment. Our family has been so impressed with the teachers and skills that are taught. From respect and self discipline to self defense, various martial arts, exercise, fun games, and other life skills. There is no question that the teachers care genuinely for our kids and our community. Having no previous martial arts experience I had no idea what to expect when I signed the family up through groupon after my preschooler expressed interest in taking classes there. I now have a 3, 5 and 9 year old taking classes and they are learning so much and loving it! My oldest says her favorite things about Aim High are “when the teacher tells me I’m doing a good job and when I get to lead some of the activities.” I love how the teachers lead by example and partner with the parents to instill confidence and self discipline. I would have to name every single teacher to tell you my favorite! Aim High is a gem in our community where our kids can grown and learn.
— Aim High Parent
The staff at Aim High Academy is beyond professional. They are excellent instructors and wonderful people. The Martial Arts instruction is top notch, but they do more than that. Character development is a large part of their philosophy and teaching. They also offer fitness classes, Parents Night Out, and camp opportunities. There are many other Martial Arts studios closer to my home, but I choose to drive a little bit farther to go to Aim High because we love it there. After our first visit we were hooked. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Martial Arts or taking advantage of other programs.
— Aim High Parent