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This is a CUT video from the full video which can be found here ; http://www.oregonbusiness.com/articles/112-march-2012/6828-100-best-companies-to-work-for-in-oregon-2012-video Aim High Academy of Martial Arts was honored on March 1st 2012 as the number 4 company out of 100 companies that qualified as the the BEST company to work for on multiple sections.

Check out our little video introducing new families to our facility. Contact Aim High at 503-640-8628 or email us at info@aimhighma.org or simply come by to 16205 NW Bethany Ct #100 Beaverton OR 97006

Olympic style Taekwondo program, founded in 1996. Classes begin with dynamic flexibility/warmups, target and pad kicking, footwork, forms (poomsae), board breaking, and core/stability. Written curriculum from white belt (beginner) through 6th degree Black Belt is set, showing a clear path for any level of student to set goals and progress.

Come and get fit! Aim High's FitBlast classes on Saturdays. 9am and 10am. Join today! www.aimhighma.org 503-640-8628

Mike, a local businessman, husband and father talks about why he Aim's high.

I was visiting the martial arts school, Aim High Martial Arts, in Beaverton, Oregon --and I saw this nice lady sitting in the stands watching the children's class. I asked her "Who's yours out on the floor," and she told me the story of her granddaughter, Gracie.