Tang Soo Do belt tests take place during your normal class time, on the date announced by your instructor. In order to test, the student MUST do the following PRIOR to the time of their physical test:

1) Earn ALL of the following stripes on their belt: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red testing approval stripe

2) Submit this testing application 

3) Those testing for the rank of Brown belt or above must pass their written test

Student Name *
Student Name
Essay topics by Rank WHITE testing for YELLOW = "How is Tang Soo Do training different than you expected? How have you changed since you started training?" YELLOW testing for ORANGE = "As you think about your training in Tang Soo Do, what do you see as your strengths? What do you think your biggest challenges will be as an Orange Belt?" ORANGE testing for SR ORANGE = "What is the most important thing you have learned since you were a White Belt? Why is this important?" SR ORANGE testing for GREEN = "Which of the Tenets of Tang Soo Do are most important to you at this time in your training? Why? How do you (or could you) use them elsewhere in your life?" GREEN testing for SR GREEN = "Bowing is an important part of Martial Arts protocol. What do you see as the meaning of the bow & how does it relate to your own training? How do you communicate respect outside of the martial arts?" SR GREEN testing for BROWN = "Select one of the 14 Attitude Requirements and explain how it has been helpful to you in your training. Explain how it is or could be helpful to your daily life. Pick another requirement that you would like to use more often and explain why." BROWN testing for SR BROWN = "What does Tang Soo Spirit mean to you? How have you applied it in your training & your daily life?" SR BROWN testing for RED = “Explain the Um and Yang concept. How does it apply to your Martial Arts training? What about other areas of your life?" RED testing for SR RED = "What has Hyung practice taught you about your Martial Arts training? What has it taught you about life in general? What has sparring taught you, both about your training and your life in general?" SR RED testing for CHO DAN BO = "What is the most important goal you want to reach before testing for Black Belt? Explain why this goal is important to you."
If the tester is 18 or OLDER, please enter "N/A." If the tester is 17 or YOUNGER, parents please share how you have seen your child change since their last test/beginning to train. Please tell about any positive behavior/actions that you would like to highlight about your child.
Do you have something you would like to bring up to our instructor team? Please take some time and write it in the box below. It takes a village, and our staff wants to assure you that we will support you in any way we can.
The testing fee for Tang Soo Do is $40. All students must pay their testing fee in full before participating in their test.