Roundhouse, hook chain: Standing, facing your target, do a combination of roundhouse, hook, roundhouse, hook - continually spinning your natural spinning direction, using each kick as a step, traveling the entire length of your training area. The goal here is to learn to seamlessly connect both kicks.


Tornado, hook chain: Just like the round, hook chain, but with a tornado kick replacing the roundhouse. Travel the entire length of your training area, and again, the goal here is seamless transitioning between techniques.


Isolating the kick: Tornado: In a tornado kick, you jump as your left knee points at the target. In this drill, we start at the point of take off, with your left knee pointed at the target. Using no momentum (no swinging or deviating from the takeoff position) jump, switch, and execute the roundhouse kick. 


Isolating the kick: Tsunami: In the tsunami kick, you jump as your rear leg swings up towards the target. In this drill, you will start the swing, but stop before leaving the ground - that is your take off position. From the takeoff position jump, and execute a hook kick on target.


Cheat takeoff height drill: In this drill we are just taking the basic cheat step, with an emphasis on going as high as possible. In any aerial technique, you must wait until you have reached the peak of your jump before doing any modifications, as you will stop going up as soon as you add a twist or any postural change/kick.


Cheat takeoff twist drill: This time, your goal is to spin as many times as possible. There is a sweet spot between waiting until the peak of your jump, and twisting too soon, where you can maximize the amount of spin you get. If you wait too long, the residual spinning momentum in your jump might become too weak to get a solid spin.


Backside takeoff height drill: See the "cheat takeoff height drill" and apply the same concept to jumping from backside position


Backside takeoff twist drill: See the "cheat takeoff twist drill" and apply the same concept to jumping from backside position


540 kick isolated knee pump drill: In this drill, you will start from the takeoff position of the 540, just like other cheat techniques, that is with the knee pointing the direction of the target. Your goal is to take your right knee, and keeping your left waist height, drive it higher than the left knee, and then land.


540 kick knee pump turn over drill: In this drill, your goal is to start exactly like the previous drill, but turn JUST your hips at the peak, with the goal of landing with your foot facing backwards, and your upper body lagging behind as much as possible, without stopping the rotation.


Using backside 9 to learn cheat 9: First, perform a single backside 900. If that is still too difficult, that is okay - this drill can help. From the Backside 9 starting position, notice you can lift your left knee, and it becomes the cheat takeoff position. From that position, jump, spin a full 360, and AFTER the full rotation, switch legs and roundhouse.