Listening to people talk about tricking can be like listening to someone speak in a completely different langue. Here are some commonly used and confused terms to help you figure out what everyone is talking about.

  • Pop - Pop is a term for jumping off of 2 feet. If your feet don't leave the ground at the same time, it's not a pop.
  • Cheat - A jumping technique involving a specific set of steps, not just a term for rotating too much before take off.
  • Swing - Both a way to take off, and a specific type of jump, the original swing jump leaves the ground generally facing away from the target, however multiple swing variations exist now.
  • Jump - This seems simple, but really understanding how a jump works is crucial to understanding different tricking setups. Every jump involves some sort of compression (like a squat), quick expansion (the actual JUMP off the ground) and then a throw (when you swing or thrust one or many limbs in the direction of the jump) and each of these constituents exist in every takeoff.
  • Cart - Short for cartwheel!
  • Twist - The same thing as spin!
  • Bkick - Short for butterfly kick!
  • Transition - A transition is exactly how you combine two moves. Doing a move, and pausing, and doing another move is not a transition, though transitions don't necessarily need to be "smooth" it just has to fit, and has to be deliberate. A specific pause between two moves, deliberately, and with purpose can be a transition, but transitional work is GENERALLY the smoothest combination of two moves.
  • Vert kick - This doesn't mean kicking vertically, but instead refers to the orientation of your body - these are essentially kicks with you standing (or jumping) straight up.
  • Invert - This refers to any kind of "flip", but in tricking, the rules are not as stringent as gymnastics. I consider any move where your head and center of gravity invert at any point of the move.
  • Target - Your target it the first direction you're facing, and a general guide for where your kicks should go. More than a couple kicks, and your target starts to move in the direction you spin - if you kick before you face your target while spinning, it's a general sign that you don't quite have control.
  • Cheat - Cheat kicks are called "cheat" because you count the rotation on the ground. One could easily rotate infinitely on the ground, theoretically, but just because it's called a cheat, doesn't mean the move itself is easy. It's just a name, essentially.
  • Backside - Backside position is like a normal fighting stance. Strong arm and leg back.
  • Frontside - Frontside is the opposite of backside, strong arm and leg forward.