Basic Moves

Everyone in tricking class has to either be invited, or complete an introductory lesson in order to participate in tricking class. These are the techniques you need to be able to do in order to jump into class. Please familiarize yourself with these! *Please note, these tutorial videos may or may not present a method to learn these techniques that differs from mine - but that doesn't mean they are wrong. There are at least a half dozen ways to teach and learn any trick, but I may insist you use my method while in my class instead of theirs*

Tornado Kick

The Tornado Kick is a fancy kick from Taekwondo - fancy for basic martial arts, at least. Most of the vertical kicking moves come from TKD, and this move is the first in a very long line of "cheat kicks", called so for the fact that you count the rotation done on the ground in the full rotation and name of the move. The technical name (at least in Traditional tricking terminology) is a Cheat 360 Round. You only do about 45 degrees in the air. The method he teaches in this is very different from my technique... but it clearly still works.


Rarely used as a move itself, it is generally used to connect moves, or as a setup to generate more momentum for a move directly following it.

Butterfly Kick

The Butterfly Kick aka the B Kick is a very important move. It has a axis of rotation and orientation, it helps learn a strange way to jump, and it is the building block for a Butterfly Twist, which is itself a building block and prerequisite for more complex/difficult/scary moves.


One of my favorite moves. This is an easy transitional move, like the cartwheel, that isn't generally known as a standalone technique, but it can be used to connect moves, or give you more power and momentum for another. This, the cartwheel, and a few others are used the way a gymnast uses a roundoff.