Interested in transferring from another institution? Fantastic.

Aim High is unlike any martial arts studio you have ever known, offering a huge base of core programs and knowledgeable instructors in their respected fields. While every martial art has individual strengths, ranks are not always equivalent across disciplines. But we have a plan. We gladly accept transfer students who are currently enrolled elsewhere or have stopped training less than 90 days before applying at Aim High. This process will require an evaluation of both technical knowledge and physical skill.

Not all transfer students will hold the same rank, because curriculums vary from school to school. This will be discussed one-on-one with the manager of the program you are applying to.

Black belts may or may not be accredited through Aim High depending on their school of study. It's like this: If you go to school for a law degree, expecting to be a doctor without the right classes isn't realistic. We value the training from all schools, but we want to make sure every student here is set up for a successful Aim High experience.

An appointment is necessary to be admitted to ANY Aim High program.

An automatic one-month membership is granted at ZERO cost during the transfer process. Yeah, that's cool, isn't it? We do this is to avoid any concern of money being the deciding factor when it comes to joining our academy. We charge tuition to maintain a state of the art facility, but the value of education goes beyond the cost. 


Please call 503-640-8628, email, or fill out the form below, and we’ll set up an initial appointment to discuss our programs and the process of admittance into the best program for you.

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Please let us know where you are coming from? How long did you train, what belt(s) you achieved, and level of instruction? Let us know what your prior experience was like..
Best Day For Evaluation
Best Day For Evaluation
Let us know the day you'd like to be scheduled for an evaluation and our Enrollment Specialist or Programs Manager will connect with you on confirming that time.