Class Schedule


attendance and closure policies

In the event that we need to close, say for bad weather or something like a water leak onsite, we will update our website and voice mail first, then through an Email and Facebook update, along with cell phone texts, if you are set up for that under your Aim High profile. (See the front desk to confirm you've opted in for text messaging.)

Attendance at AHAMA and its affiliates is completely voluntary. Progression through ranks/belt level is based upon individual performance and therefore it is the student's responsibility to attend classes on a regular basis. Please arrive or bring your child to class(es) on time, as warm-ups are very important to your/their training. Please be responsible for your child. AHAMA and its affiliates follow, for their location, the School District’s policies on closures. If the school district is closed, then please assume AHAMA and/or its affiliates are also closed due to weather or unexpected closures