Transparency PodCast 8-13-15 - An Intelligent Curriculum

Check out this interesting conversation between Cyrus Cross and Dan Sikkens, both have been in the martial arts for over two decades and at Aim High celebrating 10years as they discuss the intelligent curriculum role out in the Fall of 2015. Aim High has gone through multiple changes of curriculum - shaping and reshaping the content as it develops. This would be the the forth change to the 'intelligent' curriculum. You might even be able to hear baby Scarlett in the background offering her opinions. for more information on the intelligent curriculum or the content taught on the floor please email or

Transparency PodCast 2-23-15

Transparency PodCast 2-23-15

Attention! Intel Employees! Employees who are working at a company that will match funding or time for funds! We need you! We need anyone willing to volunteer, help and support! =) Of course, right? What nonprofit doesn't. In our never-ending challenge to grow a 'non profit' martial arts school, develop martial arts in a modern world and change everyone's understanding of what we do and how we do it, we attempt to create a strong understanding in this podcast with Ms. Kelli Benedict! Kelli has been a long time supporter of Aim High and is on our funding committee. She works at Intel and is talking about how Intel Matches for every hour an employee volunteers. Let us know if you have questions, comments, or concerns -

Transparency PodCast 10-14-14 - October Time, Warriors and Stuff.

There is a lot happening. I guess with a school peaking around 1000 students, including our online campus, and multiple programs, it would make sense for a lot of action to be happenin'...

this episode Randal Reeves and Dan Sikkens sit down and talk about the exciting results in the Warrior program and touch on other great programs and events for the month of October 2014 at Aim High, the largest nonprofit martial arts school, ever! (or at least that we can find.. =)

Transparency PodCast 8-28-14 - Fall At Aim High 2014

Can't believe it's almost here? Neither can we! The year seems to have flown by. Now it's back to school time. We have some very exciting, big, things happening this Fall, 2014. Launching an after school pick up program, Tangsoodo pillar class, A youth/kid Jiu-Jitsu program and hosting an exchange instructor from China to teach a season of Wushu. Check it out!

Transparency PodCast 8-17-14 - ruff stuff

it's not easy but that's why we do it. In this episode we interview a long timer, Serena, and discover her thought on suicide, martial arts, and staying true to the meaning of youth development. We also talk with seasoned instructors, Randal Reeves and Jeremy Smith on how they handle talking to students when 'ruff stuff' happens on the floor. Martial Art instructors know a lot about kicking and punching, at Aim High, we train for more than 'just' that. 

Transparency PodCast 2-24-2014 - Money! A Talk with Samantha Logan and Adrienne Null

A topic of conversation, almost with everybody that enters the schools, talks to the front team and I'm always asked about is 'Money'. This will have to be an on-going conversation with different people that have the know on this topic. We talk to Adrienne Null, our front first impression's director, and Samantha Logan, the engine to ship - on the topic of money.