What an event! Your feedback is extremely Valuable! Feedback was received in multiple formats (including Twitter) for about 48hrs post the Monte Carlo event - all, mostly, positive and some GREAT concepts for changes and additions for next year's event. Please take a moment, add your thoughts on this form - and by doing so we will capture your remarks in an excel sheet where we can reference that feedback in planning meetings for the next Monte Carlo and future fundraisers in general. Thank you.

Feedback Form Will Close May 1st 2014

You do not NEED to add your name, but we'd like it.
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Once you got there what did you think?
How much of the training leading up to MC was hands-on and understood? *
did you know what you where going to be doing? how it was going to be handled?
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Thoughts? any 'awesome' moments?
good or bad, what would you change if you where the one spear heading this event?
what other thoughts would you like to make sure we remember for next year's event?