Spontaneous LA Trip

If anyone knows me well, they'd know how important my training is to me. Up until recently my focus has strayed away from why I love to train and love to trick. And lately it seemed like my sessions weren't for myself. So what better way to start my self discover than to take a spontaneous trip to LA to see the people that understand exactly what I'm going through! 

This trip was exactly what I needed and seeing Le Brothers: Andy and Brian, Noah Fleder, the Sheehan's: Donovan and Devin, and Cassidy Wong. It was awesome to go back to "Home Gym" Joining All Movement (JAM) with Travis Wong and my Tricking Mentor, Daniel Perez de Tajeda. 

So much training was done during my trip. The first session was 3 hours of kicking drills with the Le Brothers and Noah Fleder. Then Mongolian BBQ for lunch. Followed by 2 1/2 hours of Kicking and Tricking at JAM. Good way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend and a fresh start to the new me.

Here's a short video of my trip. Enjoy!