Form Submission - Project Submission Form

Project Title: Teaching stop motion animation

Name: Nikita Istratov

Age: 8-12yrs

Rank: Advanced

Program: Fusion

Explain This Project? What Is It Exactly?: In summer, I took a week long stop motion animation camp, and after that, I wanted to continue so my dad and I made a little booth (out of wood) with LED lighting and a webcam. I got a stop-mo software (DragonFrame) and created some cool short videos. My friend came over and I decided to teach her. I taught a lot, and we made about 3-4 projects. I am planning to do this with another one of my friends too.

How many Projects Have You Done?: I'm reporting 3, I taught stop-motion animation, I'm teaching skiing, and I'm going to read in Russian to my Grandma.

What Impact Did This Project Have On Our Community?: I'm sharing my knowledge of arts and sports with other people.

Why Do You Aim High?: I learned certain valuable skills, and feel it is enjoyable to share this knowledge and help other people. It helps other people to become more skillful and makes this world a better place.

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