Form Submission - Project Submission Form

Project Title: Community Clean Up

Name: Trent Bond

Age: 8-12yrs

Rank: Black Belt

Program: Fusion

Explain This Project? What Is It Exactly?: My brother and I cleaned up the playground at my old school. There were a lot of trash from students and activities that had taken place on the playground and ball filed. There were also pieces of construction trash that had been dumped into the green space.

How many Projects Have You Done?: 4 total with 2 food drives over 2 years and clean up of the green space by my house.

What Impact Did This Project Have On Our Community?: This project it impacted my community by having a cleaner environment for both the people and the animals in the area. It also helps out the custodians at the school, Ms. Shelly and Mr. Mike who work very hard to keep the buildings and grounds looking nice. The school looks better and that makes me proud of my community.

Why Do You Aim High?: I Aim High to be able to set bigger goals in life and be able to accomplish them!

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