Form Submission - Project Submission Form

Project Title: Reading to My Grandma In Russian

Name: Nikita Istratov

Age: 8-12yrs

Rank: Advanced

Program: Fusion

Explain This Project? What Is It Exactly?: My grandma is very old and her vision is very poor. She can not read herself. My parents are very busy and don't have tine to help her. I decided to help her and read to her. This may sound easy but it isn't because I can understand and talk in Russian but my reading ability is poor. I have to practice every page before reading it to Grandma.

How many Projects Have You Done?: I'm reporting 3, I taught stop-motion animation, I'm teaching skiing, and I'm going to read in Russian to my Grandma.

What Impact Did This Project Have On Our Community?: Grandma feels very isolated, and I help her to stay connected. It would be great if ever old person would have someone to keep them engaged in daily life.

Why Do You Aim High?: Helping people who need assistance makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

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