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Project Title: Pick Up The Pace, Pick Up The Trash

Name: Athena Chen

Age: 8-12yrs

Rank: Advanced

Program: Tang Soo Do

Explain This Project? What Is It Exactly?: My friends and I organized a two day trip down to the Portland Waterfront to pick up trash for downtown! On Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 22, 23), we went down to the Portland Waterfront Trail. Basically, we went from the Saturday Market and went both ways, one way on Saturday and one way on Sunday. On the first day, it was only three people, but I still think we were very effective. On the second day with six people, we actually got more dragged, but still ended up making double the amount of bags. I could see that on Saturday, people didn't really want to come because they maybe thought it would be really boring, and they would have a better use of time if they did something else. After the first day, however, I realised it was actually really fun, and when I told everyone, they agreed to go. It was really fun, and it was also a better chance to know everyone there, since we were all working together.

How many Projects Have You Done?: This is my first project.

What Impact Did This Project Have On Our Community?: We filled up three bags of trash. I didn't realise how much trash was really in out community! Especially with this place looking pretty clean if you scan it, but once you really pick up every little piece of trash, you can see that even the candy wrappers count. There have been some small pieces of trash, like pieces of paper, and some large pieces of trash, like cardboard boxes! Also, 7 people thanked us for our work, and I was really happy that I was doing something that could help everyone. I think my friends were pretty happy too, because some of them were really into it.

Why Do You Aim High?: I do what I do becuase I know I can always do better. In school, in activities, in sports, in piano, at home. I can always do something better and improve something. I sometimes don't want to do that, and I think a lot of people are like me and don't really want to do their best sometimes, and that's why I always try to be aware of what I'm doing and if I'm really trying my best. I also aim high because I know I'll be glad with my results if I do. If I get a really bad result, I know that I will feel bad and let people down. That's a lose-lose, compared to if I do my best, that's a win for everyone. I feel that aiming high is very important, and that everyone shoud strive to do it.

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