At Aim High we pride ourselves on delivering more than just amazing, high energy martial arts classes.  We strive to instill the philosophy and life lessons that shape the future generations.  The Intelligent Curriculum is Aim High’s planned and thought out way of delivering the information and lessons that are useful both in and out of the dojo.  

As you/your child moves through the ranks, regardless of program or style, the Intelligent Curriculum will offer a path of learning that encourages participation and practice beyond the dojo and will surely create lasting change!

The Intelligent Curriculum is broken into 4 areas of focus:

Martial Arts Philosophy / Power Words - The martial arts philosophy is used in every class.  Words like respect, courtesy, self-discipline, and more are taught within the martial arts classroom and related to times outside the studio where those skills would be useful.  Kids and adults will hear these words and memorize simple definitions that will help to remember when the opportunity presents itself to practice those skills!

Life Skills - Life skills are taught through ongoing lesson plans that are shared across all the programs at Aim High.  Four, six, and eight week lesson plans centered around the different aspects of bullying, anger management, healthy eating, and more are taught through the use of flash cards, handouts, and voluntary homework assignments that, when completed, will earn the students something special.

Experiential Training – This is where the rubber really meets the road!  Project based leadership training, philanthropy, and altruism are learned through action and that is what Aim High is about, taking action!  The activities in this section are designed so that students can actually take what is talked about in the classroom ‘out of the dojo and into the world!’ 

Martial Arts History – Whether studying Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, or any other art, wouldn’t it be nice to know where it came from and how it was handed down?  This section is an ever growing database of info on the various styles taught at Aim High.