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Welcome To Impact!

"Services for Youth Who Need it the Most"

Help us make an IMPACT on the lives of children and families affected by autism spectrum and other behavior disorders.

Growth in independent daily living;  Increase community access;  Expand interests and leisure skills;  Reduce barriers in home life;  Reduce barriers in medical care; Improve overall physical health through exercise and diet;  Increase functional communication

“Celebrating Unique Individuality...”
— Dana Donaldson

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Independent Daily Living

Children who are severely impacted by autism spectrum disorder or other behavior disorders struggle to be independent in their everyday lives.  These children rely primarily on the adults in their life to meet their basic needs.  Impact's main focus is to promote independent living so that those needs may be independently met.  We teach basic self-care skills such as brushing their teeth and hair, while also targeting independent food preparation and basic cleaning skills.  

"And the biggest surprise today was seeing Noah independently grab a paper towel and wipe up some soup that had spilled on the table.  I didn't know what he was doing at first with the paper towel and then he started wiping the spill and I said 'great job Noah' and he had a radiant smile on his face." - Impact Parent

Health and Exercise

Active, healthy living is one of Impact's primary goals.  We encourage at least 30 minutes of structured, continuous exercise every day to maintain a healthy activity level.  Impact also focuses on each child's diet and introduces our children to healthier food choices.  Combined, these programs have lead to healthier, more physically active children.  


Broadening Interests and Leisure activities


For children affected by autism spectrum disorder or other behavior disorders, developing new skills or activities for unstructured time can be very challenging.  Impact introduces these children to new activities and basic play programs to provide stimulation during unstructured time in both school and home life.  

Medical Visits

Impact children often struggle with sensory issues and have difficulty generalizing skills to new people.  Impact provides exposure to common medical procedures in order to give them practice before an actual medical visit.

"How many hours of practice and trials have been put into this wonderful day!!!???? So proud of Luka!!  So thankful for teachers like you who are making our lives continually more manageable in the community."  Impact Parent, speaking about a tantrum free doctors appointment.

Barriers to Home

Having a child severely impacted with autism spectrum disorder or another behavior disorder can make everyday life complicated.  Impact provides services to promote active participation in family life.  We target self-help skills that encourage active participation in family life and also encourage parental and sibling participation in all programming.  

"I have personally experienced at home how Eleni’s (Impact sibling) mentality has transformed with Mariam (Impact client) as a result of this program over the course of the summer.  Eleni has asked to start helping Mariam brush her teeth or do her hair or to help get her dressed etc.  She also wants to interact with Mariam more as opposed to previously doing her own thing with her other siblings." - Impact Parent


Community Access

Impact strives to teach our children affected by autism spectrum disorder or other behavior disorders skills that help them circumnavigate everyday life.  A simple trip to the grocery store can prove to be challenging for our children.  Impact teaches our children skill such as being aware in crowds of people, stopping when asked, accepting no, other safety skills.  With these skills, our children may join their families in their community.


Impact children struggle with basic communication to get their needs met.  This can lead to frustration and difficult behavior.  At impact, we expect every client to communicate to the best of their ability.  Modes of communication that Impact targets are basic American Sign Language, ACC devices, and vocal communication.  With the ability to communicate, most children who are affected by autism spectrum disorder and other behavior disorders are better able to get their needs met.