Our History


Aim High began as a business in 2004, as a very small instructor-owned studio.  As the organization grew, it became evident to it’s owner, now the Development Director, and a group of dedicated parents and martial arts students that Aim High was more than a place to kick and punch. Rather, it was a family and community centered environment that led to personal growth and development, and led to social and environmental responsibility.  In 2009, Aim High shifted its business classification to that of a non-profit organization with a focus on developing its students and community through education and acts of service.

Our growth didn't stop in 2009. Aim High has continued to improve and has solidified its identity as the premier martial arts school in Portland. In addition, our non-profit status has enabled Aim High to create a significant impact in our community. Since 2013, Aim High has given over $500,000 in scholarship funds to our students. In addition, folks from our community have graciously donated over 25,000 hours of volunteer time at Aim High. This tells us that our students not only believe in our mission, but they believe in it so strongly that they want to donate their time to help make a difference.