With many non-profits, funding relies heavily on donor support, individual and corporate sponsorships, and fundraisers that target people who have money to give.  Aim High is currently seeking grants from multiple organizations, and networking with other local organizations to seek partnership and sponsorship opportunities.  With funding, it’s significantly about who you know, and we are simply asking you to help spread the word.

Support Aim High with a gift that will create a positive change in our community for generation to come.

One of many story's of positive change from Aim High

Here are the ways you can spread the word about Aim High and help us gain the funding we need to maintain our scholarship and tuition assistance program, get our employees back to their previous salaries, and keep serving our students, families, and community to the best of our ability:

  1. ·         Consider asking people you know who have money to give to sponsor Aim High through an ongoing monthly contribution.
  2. ·         If you know of any organizations that are willing to give corporate sponsorships, please let us know who we can speak with at that organization. Email us here.
  3. ·         When we have a fundraiser, please share the information and flyers with your friends, neighbors, and family.
  4. ·         If you work for Intel, please volunteer at Aim High and log your hours – there are plenty of opportunities, and Aim High is a beneficiary of their volunteer matching program.
  5. ·         If you work for a company that has a similar volunteer matching program, please let us know and consider volunteering.
  6. ·         If you are willing and able to making an ongoing monthly contribution yourself, please round-up your tuition – any amount makes a difference. Click here to Round Up
  7. ·         As always, please tell your friends, neighbors, and family about our martial arts program and encourage them to give us a try.  

Many community-minded companies in our region have employee giving campaigns during which employees can make a one-time gift to Academy of Martial Arts or give through payroll deduction. Many companies will even match employees' campaign gifts to Aim High--some up to 100 percent. Please check with your human resources or payroll department to see if such a program exists at your workplace.


Dollars can also be donated to Aim high Academy of Martial Arts through other workplace charitable campaigns such as United Way. These contributions are either one-time gifts or are fulfilled through payroll deduction, a program where employees choose specific amounts to be deducted from their paychecks and specific charities to receive their gifts.  Please check with your workplace-giving administrator to ensure accuracy, and write Aim High Academy of Martial Arts on your pledge form.

If you work for, or are retired from, one of the community-minded companies listed below, your contribution to Aim High is twice as valuable.  Your employer will match your gift dollar for dollar, some companies even double or triple the amount of your gift — at no cost to you!

Ask your human resources office for a Matching Gift form.  Fill it out and mail the form to:

Aim High Foundation, 16205 SW Bethany Court, Suite #100, Beaverton, OR  97006

Thank you for your continued support!


Interested in volunteering in any of our departments? GREAT!! Please click here to see the latest opportunities to volunteer. This link will take you to VolunteerSpot - a system we use to help manage our events.