Thank you for taking the time to give us some valuable feedback!  With your thoughts and suggestions, we can continue shaping the future of Aim High to meet the needs of the community!

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Please rate your experience in the following areas:
There is always a high energy in the classroom.
The students are organized and know how to conduct themselves.
There is a positive message in classes.
Announcements are made in a timely manner.
The instructors maintain a high level of energy.
Students are clearly practicing materials for their level.
Safety is always a consideration in the teaching of techniques.
Assistant instructors and helpers treat the students with patience and respect.
Parents and students are aware of how to earn rewards and recognition outside of classes.
Parents and students are made aware of equipment expectations.
If there are areas you feel are needing attention, please let us know!
We like to hear all kinds of feedback....nice comments make us smile :)
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