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“My child Bonnie always suffered from lack of confidence which caused her to be bullied at school. The new sense of confidence she got from the Stop Bullies FAST is amazing. And the Peace of Mind that my husband and I feel is the greatest gift ever. Thank you so much Bill Kipp and FAST!” Julie Holman, Denver, Co.



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FAST Defense: We teach people to skillfully deal with any level of conflict, with confidence, courage, and composure. And we do it FAST!
Welcome to the fun and powerful online world of FAST Defense.  Our Mission is to provide people of all ages the very best empowerment and personal protection technology on the planet!

The Concept is simple! Just as someone can be traumatized and conditioned to freeze for years or decades after just one bad experience, we engineer a positive experience in a very short time, which provides conditioning to control and even use the fear and adrenaline rush that inevitably occurs in any intense situation. With FAST Defense, we consistently do this in just hours for people of all types with 100% success!

Here's how:

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Seminars range from 3 to 5 hours long, for Children, Teens, and Adults. The network of Certified FAST Training Centers around the world, such as Aim High Academy of Martial Arts, allows you to attend a course near you, and is very affordable ranging from $59 - $125 and sometimes even less thanks to donations and grants.
Host a Personalized FAST Seminar for your Business or Organization
Customized Programs ranging from Interpersonal Conflict Resolution workshops, to Physical Protection Seminars are available for your organization. These are custom designed to meet your specific needs and time frames for maximum benefit! There is also an opportunity for certification of completion for your team if needed! Click HERE to get started!


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Took the ‘FAST Defense’ Self Defense Class two weeks ago at the Gresham location, and I’m sooooo glad somebody in the area got around to hosting one of these! Having Bill Kipp in town to actually teach the class was fantastic, but now he’s passing the torch to the AIM High Team to teach the techniques locally, and this experience was proof positive that Bill’s course has been trusted to more than capable hands! I’d read about the training years ago,and I was a little amazed I was finally taking this class. If you don’t know what ‘FAST Defense’ is, it’s a self defense course which familiarizes you with what happens to you during your adrenal and fight-or-flight response. Then you learn how you can still defend yourself, even when all you have available to you in a panic is tunnel vision, bad hearing and gross motor function-which happens too even the most skilled. There’s much more too, covering deescalation techniques, which is just as important (‘cause hey, avoiding a fight altogether is the best thing... truly...). Check out ‘FAST Defense’, and if you’re in the Portland Oregon area, you need to check out AIM High. :)
— Gerald Ollison