In 2014, 3 programs representing a variety of martial arts styles have come together to create the ultimate black belt testing experience!


Some highlights of the Black Belt training process:

  • Program specific martial arts curriculum
  • Project based leadership training
  • Martial arts philosophy
  • Basic study of martial arts history
  • Participation in multiple running events like the Starlight and Shamrock runs

Testers are expected to maintain a binder that will allow them to track and record:

  • Training hours in and out of the dojo
  • Acts of kindness and environmental acts
  • Multiple leadership projects
  • Interviews and profiles of inspirational people
  • Periodic food journals
BSBN John Wright - Fusion Master Instructor

BSBN John Wright - Fusion Master Instructor

Select the program below for more information on Ethos testing in that program and to see what the testers are working on or to view the blog!

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