We get the question, a lot, asking 'Hey what do your class look like?' So here you go.

Also, what's really cool, is we have had people want to see their karate family members in action.. (parents serving aboard, grandparents in other states, and even a mom who was in the hospital the day her son was testing...)  - perhaps testing, the first class, the black belt test, or an amazing moment. Through our Dropcams we are able to show instant action, now. 

Cameras may be turned on/off during class and activity times. Don't be alarmed if they are not on all the time.



Dropcam took us on as a charitable partner! Thank you Dropcam! they donated a camera for us to show the world how awesome classes, testings, etc are!

More Cameras Coming Soon! 

Looking for camera information? Please call 503-640-8628 or email