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Fusion - Modern Martial Arts


5 Rings Jiu-Jitsu


Tang Soo Do

Aim High Fitness

Aim High Tricking, a unique combination of tumbling, martial arts and break dancing

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Demo Team

Sport Karate Sparring

Individual Forms


With an amazing wealth of experience, our amazing instructor team brings a very unique take on martial arts training. We have a wide variety of styles that are available for adults that all follow the Aim High method. Beyond the mat, students will gain experience in:

·         Experiential leadership training

·         Dietary self-defense

·         Anatomy and physiology

·         Martial arts ethics

This is all taught within the strong curriculum of the respective program you're enrolled in. You will lose weight, gain knowledge, have fun, and develop a well-rounded martial arts skill-set.

Allan White has been attending classes for over a year. He enjoy every aspect of it. He works in the area, and doesn't have a lot of time for classes, with a huge family life, work life and outside commitments - the noon classes are what has really helped him along.