Aim High Academy of Martial Arts – Honored as #2 in the top 100 companies in Oregon 2013

This year’s ranking in the medium category is a two-fold accomplishment, demonstrating the positive growth of your school, and attesting to the preservation of a workplace culture that meets its employee’s needs, and allows them and their families to thrive throughout that growth.


Your Academy Team wants to thank you, our students and members, for all of the amazing support over the years.  Providing instruction and sharing our philosophy with all of you is one of the main reasons we think Aim High Academy of Martial Arts is an amazing place to work!


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Aim High Academy of Martial Arts – Honored as #3 in the top 100 companies in Oregon 2012


What a FANTASTIC night! March 1st 2012 – Aim High Academy of Martial Arts was honored by the 19th annual Oregon’s BEST companies to work for, by Respected Oregon Business Magazine.


On Sept 27th 2012 Aim High Received the #3 in the top100 non-profits!





This was our first attempt at getting on the top100, were most companies don’t make it their first run out, Aim High was not only in the top 10, but a very close #3 by receiving a #4 ranking. 100s of companies attempt to be recognized, and by a long, very long, process of online polls and questions that each employ is required to fill out, and a long process of questions that I, the owner, and HR person has to also complete.


Over a 1000 business professionals in their suits and nice cloths, and 11 Aim High’ers showed up in their business entire, of course, their martial arts uniforms. It was a push to put on shoes. We most definitely attracted attention.

Aim High did very well in multiple areas were we received #2 placements and due to this process I understand our weakest area for improvement to provide a better environment to my team. This is GREAT feedback and a great honor.

#2 in Work Environment

#2 in Management and Communications (YES COMMUNICATIONS )

#2 in Career Development and Learning


Here’s my Ranting and Raving on the martial arts industry -

First off, I LOVE our industry – I feel we can accomplish so much, and create a better environment for so many people. But here’s the thing from last night, 1000s of Oregon’s best showed up, and you take a very well respect industry icon, say Kjn Ernie Reyes, and place him in the middle of the group, I bet only a very small percentage, if any, would understand his accomplishments and impact on the martial arts. If we can stand out, take the 1980s understanding of ‘the dojo’ and reinvent it to have respectable standing in the ‘normal’ business environments of 2012, then we can push further than ever thought before. Making a company stand out from the rest and showing why we’re the best, on any business playing field is what we should be doing, not JUST the martial arts business arena.


Okay now that that’s over, here’s some cool links if you’re interested. Thank you!

Dan Sikkens



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Aim High Academy of Martial Arts was honored on March 1st 2012 as the number 4 company out of 100 companies that qualified as the the BEST company to work for on multiple sections.…


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