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What is Tricking?

While there is currently a bit of a rift within the overall tricking community about what tricking means, the vast majority of trickers seemed to agree upon the origin until relatively recently.

In the early 90s, martial arts competitors at tournaments had the opportunity to compete in the traditional means of martial arts competition, such as forms (poomsae, kata), sparring and breaking - but also "open forms" that weren't created within the confines of any traditional martial art, but rather a way for competitors to be creative and make their own. Within the loose regulations of those competitions, some wiggle room for techniques not within the confines of traditional martial arts, or at least the specific art the practitioner studies, allowed for gymnastic and acrobatic movements. As competitors started trying to one up each other, they would start practicing and developing new and more complex/difficult techniques, and eventually practicing those techniques became it's own thing - hence, tricking. 

Due in no small part to youtube, but the internet years before, tricking videos were easily accessible around the world - it was only a matter of time before groups of practitioners who had never competed in a martial arts tournament, and then people with no martial arts background, started practicing tricking.  

As the community grew, the concepts and techniques they practiced were no longer limited to techniques from other disciplines - techniques and more difficult versions of techniques that had never existed or been performed before tricking existed have now been landed, tweaked, had the difficulty increased, and incorporated in the arsenal of many trickers the world throughout. 

Currently, tricking exists in a way similar to breakdancing. Many people just practice tricking for themselves, many wish to use it as leverage to do stunts in movies, tv, stage, and circus acts, and some choose to "Battle" other trickers, in an almost identical fashion to breakdancing, where the scoring is subjective, and usually, the opponents are friends. Gatherings and camps are held all over the world throughout the year, and the community continues to grow, as we see examples pop up in pop culture, via TV, movies, stage, and circus.


Cyrus Cross

Teacher Cyrus got his start at Aim High in 2005 when Dan Sikkens (our Executive Director) met Teacher John and him practicing tricking at OGA, and offered them free martial arts lessons in exchange for teaching his students tricks. This was only a few months after they had started, so it took a while to get the program up and running, but it blossomed into a relationship that has now culminated in an 11 year career for John and Cyrus. They both still trick, and Cyrus has been teaching tricking since then, attending various gatherings and trying to be as active in the community as possible. He also looks like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Cyrus performing a "Snapu swipe"

Cyrus performing a "Snapu swipe"

Erick Kelly

Teacher Erick started gymnastics and ballet at 2, martial arts at 5, and continued for nearly a decade with ballet, more than a decade with gymnastics, and is still practicing martial arts to this day...which is exactly why he fit in so well with the tricking program. Within only a couple short years he became the assistant instructor, and now teaches his own tricking classes on Fridays. He also bears a striking similarity to Owen Wilson.

Erick being cooler than a polar bear's toenails.

Erick being cooler than a polar bear's toenails.

John Wright

Teacher John started tricking around the same time as Teacher Cyrus, and, in fact, is how they met. Along with their good friend, and final person completing the original triumvirate known as Greater Than Gravity, they started training together regularly around August of 2005. John doesn't teach any tricking classes, but will jump in for assistance when needed, and loves tricking as much as he loves cheese. Maybe more. He also looks like Ricky Schroder mixed with Jason Statham.

Cork swing gainer. Notice his right foot doesn't touch the ground between techniques.

Cork swing gainer. Notice his right foot doesn't touch the ground between techniques.


  • Ages 8 & up
  • No experience necessary to join the beginner class.
  • New students must schedule an evaluation with the main instructor before joining class.


Aim High welcomes people of all different backgrounds and training levels and honors the hard work you've put in to your training.  If you would like to take an evaluation, please feel free to set one up with BSBN Cyrus through our front desk or directly with him.


Comfortable workout clothes....shorts and t-shirt are acceptable.  


Kids 8-12:  Sundays 1:00PM-1:45PM
Teen/Adult & Intermediate Kids:  Sunday 1:45PM-2:45PM
Advanced:  Sunday 12:00PM-1:00PM 


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