UPCOMING "The 5th Element" EVENTS

Need Volunteer Hours? 

(Contact John@aimhighma.org for volunteer opportunities)

----------------Saturday March 10th- Special Training W/ Teacher Cyrus---------------

Where: Aim High Academy of Martial Arts

Arrive: 11:30pm

Training Begins: 12:00am

Super Secret Plans: 12:00am-1:55am

Bow Out: 2:00am

What is needed?

Workout Clothes

Snacks, Water, & Medical Supplies

ALL OF YOUR GEAR (be ready for anything)

A change of normal clothes for the car ride home

----------------Saturday March 24th- Aim High Classic---------------

Where: Aim High Academy of Martial Arts



5th Element testers, visit this page regularly to ensure you are up to date on information relating to this test.  It is your responsibility to stay organized and in communication with your instructors and to seize this opportunity to rise to the occasion!

The theme, The 5th Element, was chosen to help guide us to reflect internally on how we react to adversity around us.  More often than not, the solution to the struggles we face in life does not come from others, or what happens around us. The empowering reality is that the key to success is already deep down inside of us waiting to unlock our potential. The responsibility is ours. No more excuses. It is up to us to make a change for the better.

Where are you going to search to find that key? Attitude? Discipline? Honesty? Work Ethic? Confidence? Knowledge?.... The choices you make in life determine your future. Take control of your destiny and seize that 5th element. 


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