Meet the Team


Danny Sikkens

Executive Director/Founder

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Doug Ownby


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John Wright

Floor Manager/Fusion Program Manager

John Wright has been with Aim High since 2006 and currently oversees all of the martial arts programs at Aim High. John is testing for his 4th degree black belt in October with the Fusion program.


Cyrus Cross

Front End Manager/Head Tricking Coach

Cyrus has been with Aim High since 2006 and currently holds his 2nd degree in Aim High's fusion program. Cyrus is also an avid Tricker and has appeared in several TV shows as a stuntman.


Randal Reeves

Warrior Program Manager

Teacher Randall has been instructing Martial Arts for nearly 20 years and has been with Aim High for the past five years. Randall specializes in using high-energy martial arts classes to motivate and teach kids from 3-7 years old on the importance of concepts such as: positive attitudes, respect, and self-discipline.


Sam Gregg

Tae Kwon Do Program Manager

Sam has been involved with Aim High since its inception back in 2004. Currently, Sam is overseeing the Tae Kwon Do program. In his free time, Sam enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his daughters.


Maria Thomas  

Tang Soo Do Program Director

Maria has been with Aim High since 2013. Maria holds a 3rd degree black belt and has been practicing Tang So Doo for over ten years.  In her spare time, Maria enjoys exploring visual arts and graphic design and working as a stunt woman.


erick kelly  

Warriors Instructor/Events Lead

Teacher Erick is known around Aim High for his high-energy and positive attitude. In addition to teaching in the Warrior program, Erick serves as a lead staff for Aim High's events. One of Erick's favorite things to do is tricking with Cyrus and John. 


logan verzosa  

Fusion Instructor

Logan is a Fusion instructor with a very impressive background in competitive martial arts. Accolades and awards. In addition to instructing Fusion classes, Logan also specializes in working with our Impact students who are severely impacted by Autism.