FS -- Athena Chen -- Bad Luck, or Bad Choices?

This is a topic that I have been thinking about lately, because everywhere I go, my brother has good luck and I have bad luck. Maybe it is just that, bad luck and good luck, but sometimes, it's what you decide to do. Say that one day, you realize that you have an essay to finish and everyone in class is already editing, but you haven't even decided what to write about yet. And then the day you get your grade, you get a C. Not your best, but your best friend, who also wrote the essay later than most people, gets an A. So you think, Okay. The teacher probably liked her topic more than mine. She is kind of a teachers pet anyways, now that I think about it. Oh well, bad luck strikes again! But on the other hand, what if the time that you spent just thinking about what to write, your friend spent that time brainstorming and learning more grammatical terms so s/he wouldn't have to spend as much time editing it? I kind of just wrote a whole story about this, but because of that, I've been trying to think more about what I'm doing wrong, and why I have bad luck (Or as in elementary school, my alter ego Athena the Bad Luck. I know right, devastating). Again, maybe it just is that, bad luck, and good luck.

  • Athena (who thinks if she broke it down that this would've made a great essay format)
Posted on September 7, 2016 .