FS -- Emi King -- Sparring Surprise Wednesday!

On Monday, I was told by KJN that we would be doing sparring that Wednesday. He finished his sentence with the ominous words, “Oh yes, we WILL be doing sparring on Wednesday…” Well, as it happens, we did. We didn’t even warm up or stretch. It was line up, take a knee, meditate, recite Attitude, find a partner, and start sparring. We did that for almost the entire hour. With my new headgear, I found out that it’s hard to see behind you, and that if you take a hit in the right place, it spins around on your head. A lot of people got hurt that day. I have a couple bruises and a cut, but I got to spar with several people that have more experience than me, and got a couple tips, too. It was rather chaotic, and I couldn’t really hear with my headgear on, so next time I’m hoping for a bit more “organized” sparring.

-- Emi

Posted on September 26, 2015 .