Blog on blogging -Rory

Hopefully after my many blogs and interaction with me in class you realize I don't take myself too seriously. I know what I believe and I live it. Family is number one always. I will tell you, that when I see others without that focus, then family falls somewhere far down the list.......thus the high divorce rates ..... at least that is how my small mind sees it. Second is my passions, for some that is work, for me that is personal health and hobbies. Lastly and not to say that I don't work my hardest at this when I do it, is work. I do this so all of my other passions can succeed. I always give my best and live my values, even at work, even when it gets tough. Its my commitment to myself and others. So why title this "blog on blogging"? Because looking back, I'm excited to see in my blogs and in my training that this theme comes through! Honored and excited to work with you all my Nexus team on Friday and Saturday. Lets seize the day! Rory

Posted on November 11, 2015 .