FS -- Kaitlyn G -- Help yourself, not help yourself

The subject is weird, because mainly it makes no sense. But once you really think about it, it kind of does. You guys probably know the saying "help yourself." For me, it reminds me of those all you can eat ice cream things or all you can eat buffets, where they can say "Help yourself!" and such. But the other way I sorta think of it is to literally help yourself as in helping you. Recently, my parents have been really busy with buying things for backyard refurnishing and work, so my brother and I have had to sort of worry about ourselves and become dependent of our own business. And I've learned that it's very important to do just so. Especially seeing that nowadays, my mom has to get up at 6 in the morning to buy wood, carry it back, and then go to work. We all have to be mindful of what we have to do.


Posted on July 18, 2016 .