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Name: Alyssa Sammons

Program: Fusion

Blog Title: Cross Country #4 (my final meet)

Blog Entry: My final cross country meet with this team. I've grown close to my teammates, and coaches. I've had smiles, laughs, blood sweat and tears, everything. It just hit me after running my meet today that this was it for this wonderful team. Three long years. I remember when I first started cross country I hated running. Now, I actually kinda like it. Running to me is a time to get away from my hectic life, and just think about my happy thoughts, and to feel refreshed, even if I'm not the fastest. I also learned that running can make great friendships. All you have to do is ask to run with that person, you can chat with them, and have a good time. All I have is one last practice at this school.

Ok, now about my meet. I felt really good (besides my side ache), and my dad said I was going faster than my normal pace, and I felt faster too. That's a good thing for my time, and my team dice this was the district meet. At the end like I normally do I sprinted, and I was breathing heavier than I usually do, that's a good sign for my time, and that tells my I was running harder. I haven't gotten my time yet, but I'm super eager to find out!

Three years in middle school cross country. Next year I might run for my high school. I love making bonds with my teammates, and seeing how I progressed over the years. I look back at my sixth grade times, and I feel I can run way faster than that now that I've trained/practiced more. You progress as a human being every day, that's what I've learned from this wonderful experience.

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Posted on November 1, 2016 .