FS -- Taylor Berglund -- Beach training!

This past Saturday we had our annual black belt beach training! Every year I look forward to this training, it's my favorite training of them all! I love that we train out side of aim high and I love that we get to bond a lot at this training! But I think that this year was the best I've bonded with a team at the beach. I think some things that made us bond the most out of any other team was playing volleyball before the training and at breaks. I felt that volleyball brought us closer together because we all laughed together and we all screamed with each other. We showed lots of emotions playing that game. It felt like a family vacation on the beach! I also think that having a fire brought us together because we all had to come close together around the fire to stay warm. I hope that we can all bond more together and I hope we all feel like family by the end of the test, because that's what we are, an aim high family!

-- T-Berg

Posted on September 7, 2016 .