Form Submission - Black Belt Blog Entry

Name: Alyssa Sammons

Program: Fusion

Blog Title: Service Project

Blog Entry: Today I completed my service project. I did a presentation to my girl scout troop on bullying, and taught them a little bit on what to do if you need to defend yourself.

I was a little nervous about talking in front of them, but I actually really loved doing it! I just kept talking, and talking. We also did some partner work, and I showed them a couple basic strikes. I also, taught them the self-defense positions.

I told them what to do in a bad position, to be LOUD, let others hear you, to use the attacker's accessories to their advantage, get DNA, and so so so much more.

I know this blog is all over the place, but I had so much fun presenting to them, and teaching them a bit of self defense!!!!

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Posted on October 21, 2016 .