Form Submission - Black Belt Blog Entry

Name: Nirmay Anantha

Program: Taekwondo

Blog Title: Bird Rescue

Blog Entry: We were peacefully minding our own business - Athmay hitting me with a stick, kicking a heavy ball at me, tackling me at random, et cetera… “It’s black belt practice!” He insisted when I told him to stop and tackled me again - when something went THUNK! on the window. I wrestled away Athmay’s stick and turned just in time to see a fluttering brownish green object fall to the ground.

We ran outside and retrieved the small brown-green bird that had hit the window. We brought it inside and Athmay held it while I rushed to find a box to put it in. I found a box and stuffed it with clothes so it would be soft. Then I took a small bowl, filled it with bird feed, and put that inside too.

But when we tried to put the small brown-green bird in the box, he stubbornly clung to Athmay’s hand! We then realized that one of the bird’s toes was bent backwards and one of his wings were twisted. After several tense minutes trying to put the bird in the box, we gave up and let it sit on Athmay’s hand.

Then suddenly, the bird flew off and started flying haphazardly around the room! Thinking it would hurt itself, we opened the window, hoping it would fly out. It flew around a bit, pooped on the table, and flew onto a tree on our backyard.

A few minutes later, it flew off the tree, crashed into our neighbor’s bird feeder, and flew off. I hope he is okay now.

For some reason, this happens a lot. Birds hitting our window. It has happened so many times and we do not know why.

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Posted on November 11, 2016 .