FS -- Michael Fisher -- Lessons learned at 50

Hello everybody,

Time surely does fly. I just reached 50 years old on September 6 – which is mind-boggling to me. Inside, I’m still somewhere between a teenager and … maybe … 27? I do feel my real age after a hard workout, though. And if I start telling someone about how much different things were when I was a kid – yeah, I know I’m getting kind of old.

I’m grateful to have learned a few valuable life lessons over the years, if you don’t mind me sharing them for whatever it’s worth.

Here goes.

1.) Do what you really love, not what others say is valuable. How successful you truly are -- in your own eyes -- won’t hinge on the amount of money, fame or admiration you collect. Follow the voice inside you that says: This is my passion and purpose.

2.) Embrace the value of delayed gratification. Try not to be in a hurry to acquire every possession, go every place, or experience every sensation that catches your attention. If you believe it’s worthwhile, start saving up for it or preparing for it – rather than buying it or doing it impulsively. Taking that extra time and giving that extra thought will help you recognize the difference between what’s genuinely important and what’s a distraction.

3.) Appreciate your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Although it might not feel this way when they’re in the middle of a “lecture” or trying to give advice, these people want the best for you. And they have a deep well of life experiences. And you won’t have them around forever. So try to receive what they’re sharing as a gift — and tell them, “Thank you.”

4.) Be in the present. We can learn from the past, and we can make plans for the future, but the only moment that’s real is the one we’re living right now. Let go of yesterday. Look forward to tomorrow, but remember that it’s not guaranteed. So do all you can today.

Thanks for letting me drop a little knowledge on ya. =0)

--- CGN Michael

Posted on September 7, 2016 .