Form Submission - Black Belt Blog Entry

Name: Nirmay Anantha

Program: Taekwondo

Blog Title: Little Buddies

Blog Entry: I moved schools this, year, and so I do not get to do this anymore, but in my old school, we had an activity called Little Buddies. If you were in third grade, your little buddy was in kindergarten, in fourth grade, your buddy was in first grade, and so on and so forth. This activity consists of the older class visiting the younger ones and doing activities with each other. I am sure this was a good learning experience for the youngsters to see how they should behave and what is expected out of them in the future. This gives them a head start on becoming better people.

Because of Martial Arts, I showed my buddies what proper manners are like and how to have legible writing without making them feel like I am criticising everything they do. (believe me, I saw some guy’s little buddy nearly drown in tears when her big buddy told her she was holding her pencil wrong).

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Posted on November 11, 2016 .