Blog Post #2 - Focus

*It’s October 5, 2015 and we are only 5 weeks away from the first week of our 3 weeks of testing. Yay! Also, I have begun my 2nd term of nursing school. Holy Smokes my schedule is intense! Fortunately, I like to believe that I perform well under pressure. I guess we will find out, right?*

*For me to stay on track and realize my goals it will require an extreme amount of focused attention and dedication, both on the mat, and in my studies. These goals, Nexus 2015 and Nursing school 2017, present me with excellent opportunities to apply the 3 rules of Focus we learned in our BB curriculum. *

Focus My Eyes – Pay attention to what I am learning

Focus My Mind – Be mindful and in the moment

Focus my body – Maintain good posture and a positive body language

*Will you help me out? If you see me goofing off or lacking intensity on the mats will ya hold me accountable and throw a roundhouse, or something, at my head and yell FOCUS!*

Thanks for your help,


Blog Post #3- Respect

  • This term in school I am learning about mental health and how important it is to take care of self-first so you can then effectively take care of others. *

*Think about it. *

*When we get on an airplane the stewards teach us to put our own oxygen mask on before we attempt to help the others around us. A great analogy for us, ‘cause as martial artists, if we intend to make a difference in other’s lives and defend/protect/help them, both in the dojo and out in the world, we will be way more effective if we are not lying passed out, on the floor blocking the aisle and exit doors. Seriously.*

  • Being a part of Aim High and becoming a Martial Artist has been one avenue I have shown myself respect and cared for self. I am today a much healthier person, both mentally and physically, because of it. *

  • Please accept my bow to you and Aim High as I wish to respect the roles you have played in helping me to be who I am today.*

  • Best, *


Blog Post #4 – Self-Discipline

  • Whew! I am one tired girl. It is days like to today that I wish I could just keep sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping. But alas, duty calls and I must answer it. Self-discipline comes to the rescue and takes all excuses down to the mat and pounds them out.*

*Awesome! *

*Self-discipline, today you are my hero as you saved me from my tired self and excuses.*

  • Time to get stuff done!*

*Onward, *


Blog Post #5 – Integrity

  • What is it, where do I get some, and how should I wear it? What occasions is it good for? Only a few selective events or can I wear it everywhere and at any time like I do my favorite hoody? *

  • Integrity is like that, a favorite hoody, we should never take it off. It’s always the right time to do the right thing but especially if you think no one is watching AND you are wearing a hoody.*

  • Truthfully, *


Blog Post #6 – Synergy

  • That awesome state where energy is high, Cgn, Eric is in class, with his unabashed enthusiasm, and the fun he is having encourages us all to join his efforts. The class intensity rises, our Ei yahs get louder and our technique gets sharper, as cooperatively we are encouraging to all. Isn’t it fun when we all cheer and/or join the last few in their remaining burpees? I know when I am last, you give me new energy and the last thing I want to do is quit and cheat myself. So thank you for your synergy.*

  • How do you spell ei yah anyways?*

  • -Colleen*

Blog Post #7 - 5 Steps of Personal Safety

  • There I stand alone, in the dark and the rain, at a MAX station, in Northeast Portland. Yikes!*

  • I am not in a safe place. *

  • But! I stand, with a plan. *

*I stand tall. I make eye contact with the person that walks up. I say hello and inquire about his night. I walk to a well-lit area under a street light where there are other people I can ask for help if I need it. My phone is put away, I am aware, I am vigilant and ready to defend myself.*

  • I am smart and I am safe. *

*Mindfully, *


Posted on October 13, 2015 .