FS -- Nikita Istratov -- Black belt blog #2

During that trip to Germany I was talking about in my first blog, one of the people there was my uncle, who has a plane he flies on (he has a pilot's license), and either two or three (I don't remember) other planes that are in parts, (he's fixing them). In the room he has those planes in, the motors are here, the frames are somewhere else, the wheels are in the corner, the control panels are in the other corner, the wings are on the right, the seats are on the left, etc. He started giving me basic lessons, and once I got back home in Portland, the only thing I could think about was "GET THAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR!". Once I got Microsoft flight simulator and Prepar3D, I flew to Seattle a couple of times, did some flight school, etc. I thought I was the best pilot ever.........till I crashed into the Statue of Liberty.

            You have to persevere, and never give up, no matter

what happens, whether it's crashing your flight simulator plane into a tower, failing to remember half of your forms, or anything else. If you try your best and never give up, eventually, you will succeed in your goal. If you make one mistake, and drop everything and quit, you are never going to achieve it since you aren't even trying. Persevere, try your best, and never, ever give up, especially to something you know that with practice, you can reach.


Posted on July 18, 2016 .