FS -- Nikita -- Bloggin' on Bruce

I recently read a couple of books about Bruce Lee, since he is the creator of our test name “Be like water”. Not only was he one of the greatest martial arts masters, but also an action-film hero, and the son of a movie opera star. When he was young, Bruce was constantly in motion, and had a nickname of “never sits still”. He had two sisters and two brothers. Immediately, he became interested in Kung Fu, and other martial arts, and competed in tournaments, and boxing championships. By the way, he had quick feet and was a cha-cha dance champion in Hong-Kong. A lot more stuff happened in his life, (too much to write), but he got married to Linda Emery, and in 1965 they had a son named Brandon, and moved to Oakland . After a long time, he died at only age 32. It’s a mystery of why he died, but some people say he had too much fluid collecting around his brain, some people say he took a bad medicine, etc. He was a great martial artist and actor.


Posted on July 18, 2016 .