FS -- Taylor Berglund -- Saturday special training!

This past Saturday Girl Sam led special training for the black belts. We had an AWESOME work out in the morning. We did a mile run, 100 sit ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and another mile run. I thought that it was a great work out. We all got to push ourselves individually and as a team. It was intense and also felt like we were more as a team as we communicated with each other. The weather was perfect and the location was a place where I have not been before.

Micheal P. Murphy was a member of the US Navy Seal and will be remembered as a hero to his team and to our country. He did the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life to his team. He showed leadership by letting his team know how much they mean to him, he honored their friendship throughout their training and on their journey and most of all the whole team trusted in each other. Trust is a big key in a team, without trust you may not function together, wont be able to know your teammates, and trust is also made by having accountability to yourself and to your team.

During our workout location we as a team worked together, we cheered each other on, we made sure each team member didn't give up and when they wanted to stop we made sure we did the same exercise with them to help them complete the task. After knowing that these were Micheal's workouts, it gave me a lot to think about during our reflection hike. I was proud to learn about a hero and doing some exercises he loved to do and soon I would like to add in some weights to see how much I can do just like him and feeling honored to be at training with my Be Like Water Black Black testers.

The trust exercise was pretty interesting and fun at the same time. It took my teammates and I a while to work together and communicate. It was scary at first and once we trusted each other we made it through without any troubles. During the accountability conversation I was scared to speak my mind but after I was done the team was there to help me. Thank you team! I had fun hanging out with Doug, Mike, Andy, Arjun, and all the girls during our lunch break but I did talk to all the team members during the whole training.

A Huge thank you to all the parents who brought us to our trainings, to those who stayed behind with us and encouraged us to not give up and to Teacher GirlSam and Master Nick for a great workout. Bonnie, I am still waiting for my high five. Thanks mom and dad. Thanks Aim High. Thanks to all those who served or who is currently serving protecting our country. One day I will maybe become a solder just like my grandpa, uncles or just like my dad. This special training was a memorable training.

In memory of "Murph" or "The Protector"

We salute you soldier.

-- T-berg

Posted on August 15, 2016 .