FS - Dear Hawaii - Serena* Radona

So I don’t really have an “excuse” as to why I haven’t been blogging. I’ve had a writer’s block for who knows how long and I never really got the hang of fluently talking to myself. For some reason, everything I put down made no sense or sounded almost robotic - with no real flow or voice in it.

But nonetheless, I thought maybe the sooner I can write out events, the better I’ll get in later times; so let’s see if this will work with the good old writer’s block sitting at my desk.

Dear Oahu, Hawaii,

Although I’m not completely adjusted to our lovely Oregon timezone (due to the nights of clumsily voice acting a $30 dating sim - long story), I’m happy to finally be back with all of my friends and family here in the small rainy town I call home. After a week with some of my closest family and a heartwarming service for my grandma, I really need to catch up on a lot of things; including sleep. But the one week with my past “business partner”/best friend seemed to go by as quickly as I arrived to the beautifully sunny Hawaii to be closer to my close family in a time of need.

Lots of trips were made in our rental car for the week, like to her school, a museum where I watched lava be made, and the crystal beaches on the edge of the islands. Not to mention bathing in the scent of my grandma’s house is always nice to come back to. That sounds kind of weird, but you get the point hopefully- I missed being with my family. Especially since this time around, we are now down a member, but hey, I guess that’s just how life works.

This trip was like most of the other trips, a very important one and certainly very memorable one to say the least. A lot of all nighters were pulled, almost as if it’s a tradition at this point, laughing and joking around, and I don’t regret any second of it. I showcased my singing voice for a slideshow for my grandma that got the entire church talking about it - including my extremely proud mother who turned to everyone who didn’t know the artist with a cheeky grin as she excitedly bragged that I “did all of it by myself” and that “I recorded everything myself”. A little embarrassing, I got a couple of “wow I didn’t know Serena was capable of doing this” and various “you can do even better than I thought you would”, but I was thankful for the praise.

And finally, for the first time in years have I celebrated my two cousins’ birthday on the day of their birthdays. A delicious breakfast for the 16-year-old I call my best friend (side note: that restaurant's french toast was heaVen, it was truly the best french toast I’ve ever had) and a massive party with her brother at the graveyard. Yes, I know it’s a strange place to party and you would think cemeteries are dull and creepy and not “party material” but it was nice to be there with them. I took a lot of pictures, ate a ton of food, and generally had a nice time with my infinite amount of cousins and relatives - they seemed pretty impressed with my photo skills (bless photography class) and I made a special video about the day on my own personal Youtube channel, believe it or not.

[if anyone is interested, here’s a link: https://youtu.be/9HnzLZ3z9WA]

Needless to say, I enjoyed every second of that trip even though the reason for going was a little morbid. The food (ah, the food), the company of my cousin and family, and random moments of laughter; it was truly a great time within the humidity I missed so much.

Well, see you again soon then. Maybe next time I’ll stick around a little longer.


Posted on May 4, 2016 .