FS – Steven Cason – Creative Form – Blog #14

I have been focusing on my creative form over the last couple of weeks and am surprised at how much it has morphed from my original plan from a few months ago. When I put it down on paper originally I didn't have the music I would perform to in mind as yet but felt I was better off getting a foundation down before selecting the accompanying music to perform against.

Turns out I think this was the right decision. The song I have settled on is Hibernation by Ted Nugent and early effort by him from the early '70's. This selection changed the tempo I had originally envisioned as well as the specific moves to be performed. I tried to make sure I can perform the moves well so I don't have a weak jump kick for example. To be honest my eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach when I started.

As of now I have about 1/3 of the routine to design so I should have it complete within a couple of weeks.

CGN Steven Cason

Posted on September 15, 2015 .