Rory Blog #12 - Ramblings of a mad man

Long ago (31 years) in a land far away (Ohio) I sat in a classroom with a blank page to fill in daily. I learned in my creative writing class that when required to write though having nothing to say I could get into a rhythm and pen something significant if I could just take the first stroke of a pen. Stream of consciousness writing. Literally just dumping out what is in your head. Lets give it a shot. If I consider my journey to blackbelt thus far. In the beginning I had much FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Remember I'm an old dude. How will my body respond, how will my kicking be judged next to the kicks of youth(much higher than mine!). I knew I had the heart but did I have the physical fortitude to power through? In my head I wondered. I powered on. We got to the first phase test. - planks for how long? Eeeek? I powered on On to the beach with all of these new friends, not quite sure about that Danny guy :) Pain on the asphalt as we ran the gauntlet by completing multiple exercises one after another. I powered on. My mental state began to change with each successful event. Subtle coaching with words of encouragement from my instructors My power was turning on. The pain was negligent now, my heart and mind was growing stronger. I can see the purpose of team and the power of others. Our power was turning on. We gather regularly now, we know each others names. We cheer each other on. I really like this team. Last Saturday as we all struggled through Special training and I saw the pictures of our power, the team, our hearts and minds driving on. Just huge pride for us all and our hard work!

Posted on August 7, 2015 .