FS--The Shore III--Georgia Anderson

Today, i had to say goodbye to the remaining family at the beach and came to the realization that my two-year-old cousin won't remember me when I see her next. I woke up early to go the beach because I wouldn't be able to later in the day. The time we went is what I consider "Prime Beach Time", this is the lifeguard-free, swim-at-your-own-risk time of the day and takes place before 10am and after 5pm. My cousins and I talked and built a sand castle. The sand castle was what is commonly known as a drippy castle. It's created by drizzling wet sand over sand. With this tactic, you can create different textures, trees and peaks. I will be getting home soon and can't wait for Saturday where I can go back to martial arts and getting my Saturday training in. Can't wait to see everyone.

                             - Georgia
Posted on August 18, 2015 .