FS - Rory Blog 9 - Training while out of town

As I made my way around over seas I found many ways to continue my training. Most mornings I was up early and running on the grape roads. We were staying in Pommard which was about 1.5 km to Beaune and less than a kilometer in the other direction to Volnay. The runs were amazing, up among ancient grape vineyards, many originally planted by monks and later replanted about 100 years ago due to a plant disease from the US that wiped out all of the french grape vines. One particular morning I made the 1200 ft vertical climb to the top of the Vineyards and what a view. You could see for miles in all directions. Pommard is small, Volnay even smaller with 250 or so people. In the center of each town is a church so when you are running it is easy to see where you need to go. Most mornings I tried to run 6 to 8 miles. Many thanks to John Wright for his special France workouts that he gave me. Core and upper body workouts every other morning in addition to my runs. And finally I worked on forms. Someone who saw me one morning as the sun was coming up asked what that thing was that I was doing. I explained what forms were :)

Posted on June 22, 2015 .