Rory Blog #6 - Martial arts and Bonsai

Some of you may know that Martial Arts is just one of my passions. I also am a lifetime student of the art of Bonsai. This weekend as I was working on a very ancient Itoigawa Juniper I thought about how similar the two arts are. Martial Arts and Bonsai. On this particular weekend, actually several weekends now, I have been meticulously pulling off older scales(juniper leaves) from each branch. So simple you might say. Consider I am on my 8th hour of doing this and I am about 75% complete. Once I finish this I will place wire on each branch to shape the tree into a traditional informal upright shohin style. Another 8 to 10 hours....... We do this to let light into the tree so that old branches do not die and so that new branches sprout to replace older branches. This is a regular event and just part of how you must manage the tree with water, light, food, pest control, etc....You are always growing for the future. Trim the strong, trim the weak to maintain the balance, taper and structure of the tree. Very much like martial arts, fine tuning each kick, practicing, growing and maintaining balance to be the best Martial Arts tree we can be :) Rory

Posted on April 19, 2015 .