FS-Darien White-First Power Weekend

Friday night and saturday have been the power weekend so far. On friday night, we worked on basic kicks, and ended with plank. I dropped out in the late 3:00, but gavin, marius, harry, and jordan all held the plank for 15 minutes, shattering the former record of 8:04. On saturday, we assisted Fusion beginner and intermediate classes, as well as some who assisted the warrior class. After that, we had a lunch/study break. Then, we left for a 1-mile-long run from Aim High to the track at Sunset High School. There, we ran back and forth on a football field. At the 10-yard line, we did 10 burpees, then ran back. At the 20-yard line, we did 20 lunge switches. 30-yard line, 30 pushups. 40-yard line, 40 squats. 50 yard line, 50 mountain climbers. In all, we did 20 burpees, 40 lunge switches, 60 pushups, 80 squats, and 50 mountain climbers. Now that it is over, I can`t wait for the next power weekend.

Posted on April 14, 2015 .