Kickboxing bonanza with John - Rory Blog #4

You know they said it was a clinic but I like to think it was a kickboxing bonanza! I committed to four full hours of training on Saturday with the Fusion class and a focus on forms from 11 to 12 and then three hours of kickboxing with John in the kickboxing clinic. We worked on the basics, fine-tuning to a higher level of mastery. My favorite thought for the day from John. Fear not the man who practices a thousand kicks one time but rather the man who practices one kick a thousand times. The quote rings true for me in so many of the things I focus on in life. Practice, practice, practice and repeat! The clinic was exceptional. For all of you kick boxers who missed this time, be sure to catch it the next time. Kicking and punching that then we got into some defensive upper body work. Evasion with slips and weaves…..finished up the day with sprints, leg and arm workouts. A great way to spend part of your Saturday!

Posted on March 30, 2015 .